Thursday, April 14, 2011

Encaustic (Semiotic Series, II)

12 x 12 encaustic & mixed medium

About six or seven months ago I started an encaustic series based on signs and symbols (semiotics). Then I was working with more color than I am now, although I've found, from looking at a lot of art on Tumblr, that I like rust. There's some glare on the center here. It's one of three pieces I'm submitting to a juried show. I added a bit to it, because I thought the composition was a little off kilter and hadn't wanted to post here. Yeah . . I'm fussy!

So many intriguing images on Tumblr. It's been a wonderful teaching tool to show me what I'm drawn to, and what I'd like to put in my work.

I've been putting a lot of physical work cleaning my studio . . first cleaning and now re-organizing. It's big and I've been putting it off for some time. Just wanted to paint. After I put up some shelving on the walls (plaster & using anchors), I plan to start some oil & cold wax. Although I was finishing the cradled sides to two encaustic pieces I'm going to submit to the show, and I just wanted to start painting some new pieces with wax. There sure is something about that hot wax that draws me in . . especially since I've learned so much more than when I started about how to control the image and surface.