Sunday, June 10, 2012


. . in my studio . .

working vintage typewriter . . 20's, 30's, 40's?

bird's nest with stones and one robin's egg

old books (taken apart), papers, envelopes

 papers and photo
my grandmother on the left . .
in the pile is my father's confirmation certificate

my grandmother's typing book . .
 old papers, evelopes & hard copy 
calculator print out (a list of numbers)

I used some of these typewritter
keyboard numbers in an encaustic collage that I made
some time ago . . below . .

the school's date stamped on the my grandmother's 
touch typing manuel . . . nearly 100 yrs ago

fodder for collage . .
old box with this wonderful dot pattern
. . it held old keypunch cards

old wire office basket . .
old stamps & stamp holder . .
from my aunt & uncle's accounting business
. . probably 50 yrs old

 I put circles in my paintings, and I am drawn to spheres.
I have collected many kinds through the
years. The more history the better . . 
 the following images are some
of the spheres of in my studio.

a spring from a train holds a metal sphere
on my desk

old croquet balls

on my desk . . a brass "gadget" . . 
holding an "eight" ball . . 
book ends that have brass spirals
mounted to wood

solid glass ball
held by an iron votive candle holder
with a roman numeral clock face decoration

old iron post finial

one of my vintage bocce balls . .
I sometimes use candle holders
to display balls/spheres

Many years . . collect and collect . .
 different colors of vintage papers are a favorite . . the old type 
. . the vintage graphics and decorations . .
symbols, diagrams, charts, lists of numbers
have all "called" to me through the years.
I know there was a part of me that meant to use
them in art someday, probably collage.
Who knows where they will turn up!