Sunday, August 26, 2012

Collages of Dennis Parlante

I'm finding that I'm becoming more and more interested in, and being inspired by, the many different styles of collage art. Dennis Parlante's collages is one of the artists, whose work I am drawn to. Below is some of his work, and a video that I found in researching his work, in which he explains his some of his influences.

I like his term "interesting pieces of paper that no one wants anymore".
I have a lot of those! He also speaks of being influenced by Japanese calligraphy, which I LOVE!

Dennis Parlante
This one uses Asian script, and the center line suggests calligraphy.

Dennis Parlante, "Any other son"

. . the composition and neutral color palette . . and . . script

This composition is what I call "symmetrical composition" on perhaps could be said that it is based on a grid.  

Dennis Parlante, "O"

Dennis Parlante, "V"

Dennis Parlante, "Horizontal 20", collage

Dennis Parlante, "Black and Tan #5"

Dennis Parlante, "Eller"

Dennis Parlante, "Changing Thoughts"

Visit Dennis's website. He has many many more. 

Right now I am planning an encaustic collage painting using vintage Asian note books and accounting books, that I was delighted to find online.