Sunday, June 10, 2012


. . in my studio . .

working vintage typewriter . . 20's, 30's, 40's?

bird's nest with stones and one robin's egg

old books (taken apart), papers, envelopes

 papers and photo
my grandmother on the left . .
in the pile is my father's confirmation certificate

my grandmother's typing book . .
 old papers, evelopes & hard copy 
calculator print out (a list of numbers)

I used some of these typewritter
keyboard numbers in an encaustic collage that I made
some time ago . . below . .

the school's date stamped on the my grandmother's 
touch typing manuel . . . nearly 100 yrs ago

fodder for collage . .
old box with this wonderful dot pattern
. . it held old keypunch cards

old wire office basket . .
old stamps & stamp holder . .
from my aunt & uncle's accounting business
. . probably 50 yrs old

 I put circles in my paintings, and I am drawn to spheres.
I have collected many kinds through the
years. The more history the better . . 
 the following images are some
of the spheres of in my studio.

a spring from a train holds a metal sphere
on my desk

old croquet balls

on my desk . . a brass "gadget" . . 
holding an "eight" ball . . 
book ends that have brass spirals
mounted to wood

solid glass ball
held by an iron votive candle holder
with a roman numeral clock face decoration

old iron post finial

one of my vintage bocce balls . .
I sometimes use candle holders
to display balls/spheres

Many years . . collect and collect . .
 different colors of vintage papers are a favorite . . the old type 
. . the vintage graphics and decorations . .
symbols, diagrams, charts, lists of numbers
have all "called" to me through the years.
I know there was a part of me that meant to use
them in art someday, probably collage.
Who knows where they will turn up!


  1. Bonjour Jann, cela me plait :-)

    1. Bonjour Thige . . Vous remercie de votre visite et commentaires. . pas d'art pour écrire aujourd'hui! :)

  2. Beautiful collection. I'm also drawn to spheres and you have some beauties!

    1. Hi Blue Sky . . Thank you . . and I have many more!

  3. That dotty box is my favourite. Let me know when you use it in a collage. I know it will be beautiful!

    1. Hi Robyn . . it's a real favorite of mine too! I will do that. Thank's so much for your support. :)

  4. your artist's eye makes your collections look beautiful and desirable. I love the basket of old rubber stamps. It's so interesting to see our inclinations. I am not a collector and would drown in more than my daily stuff and yet when I look at all these things I see the thread of history and fondness and the beauty of saved things. Those typewriter keys in your encaustic piece looked so familiar but I couldn't quite figure out what they were. Love them and the piece.

  5. Hi Carole . . thank you. Besides a wonderful visual artist, you are an artist of words! I always marvel at the beautiful way you have of expressing yourself!! At some point I have to downsize (to move near my son). THAT's going to be interesting! :)

  6. J- it is always good to see the collections of other artists - makes me feel OK about my various stashes of stuff. Someone visited recently and said you have lots of stuff B and it is so neat - must be one of my tidy phases. Go well and collect well. B

    1. I think all artists have stashes! If I tidy up, I seem to lose them. Some of the paper scraps I save, and where they come from (saved for color, pattern, texture) are pretty comical! There are different colors in paper bags! :)
      Thanks you for coming by and commenting.

  7. We are such kindred spirits.. I have a lot of the same STUFF in my studio too.. an old vintage typewriter, lots of old rubber stamps, old envelopes and papers, old wooden balls, birds' nests.. etc... we are bower birds.. collectors all the way.

    1. I think we may be bower birds . . and kindred spirits indeed!

  8. I think you have already done wonderful things with these treasures. Your displays are engaging and the images here are very intriguing!

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    1. Woops . . deleted comment due to misspelled word . . it really doesn't remove it though!!

      Hello Leslie . . thank you for stopping by. They surely are my treasures!