Monday, May 2, 2011

Working hard re-organizing & painting my studio

I've been working hard to re-organize my studio. It's what I've always intended to do, since I moved here. I'm also painting walls, putting up more shelving and painting. I had put three coats on the bookshelves you see here, but this is a large space. I'm so blessed to live here (former hardware store . . studio downstairs and live upstairs). But after one coat of paint (there were varnished brown), it was so much painting (not the kind I like), I quit and started making art. Some photos here are also of some things I've collected through the years. First my re-organized encaustic area . . .

All the things that were on this table are now on the new shelving I installed . .
and painted.

Lots of books

The skull was something I found that was a halloween decoration and bought it to see the structure of the face and head in real life.

I purchased this old typewriter and had it fixed, years before I knew how to use computer type . . and in anticipation of doing some collage with old type.

This maniken (sp?) probably from the 20's or 30's.

An unfinished sculpture from art school, that I intend to finish.
My son received this rattlesnake skin from his uncle, and I
took it when he didn't want it.

I love gears. This is about two ft. in diameter, VERY thick and heavy.
It was given to me by another artist, and I've carted it around with my
many moves. I'd like to have it on a wall, but can only roll it around.


  1. Hi Jann, you have a great studio! I am very jealous of its size. How big is it?

  2. what a lovely huge studio you have!!!!! i am GREEN with jealousy now!!

  3. love what you have done with your studio. making it a real working space. beautiful array of books and doo-dads as i call them. this says you all around, your special and sheltered spot to make art in!!

    here, there is a little storefront with upstairs apartment for sale in a nearby village and due to knowing of your place i have even thought of at least looking at it! no property with it, just parking spots. but still, very isolated.

  4. Hi Carole and Luthien . . yes, I am very fortunate to have this large space. Actually, the price of this bldg was very reasonable, but the upkeep is challenging. It is something I wanted for a very long time, and when it showed up, I grabbed it.

    And Suki . . nice to hear from you . . It does feel like my special, sheltered spot, and I love it! But it does have tremendous challenges in upkeep. As with anything . . there is always a yin and yang. :)

  5. Great space, I love being able to visualize artists creating art in their studio. Thanks for the reference.

  6. good work Jann :) I find it always very re-inspiring to re-organize the studio .... It looks great !

  7. What a great looking place to play! So much open space, I like the sound of an old hardware store. And what a wonderful collection of treasures.

    I do love the feeling of cleaning and reorganizing spaces. It seems to bring them to life and makes room for new energy to move. Great spring things to do! Happy creating.

  8. Hi Jann,
    lovely studio. I've been enjoying your tumblr blogs and tried to contact you via blogger, but the email didn't quite work, so I thought I would post a comment with my
    Just hoping you can edit a post you made on tumblr on May 1 (a reblog of one of my images that didn't get tagged with the permalink).
    thanks...I'll keep following you!

  9. Hi William, Michelle, Zen Dot. Thank you. Sure will be glad when it's done!
    Hi Janice . . Thank you, and I hope that post got straightened out. :-)

  10. My studio space could use some good cleaning. It's been on my to-do list for some time, but other things always come up!

    I love seeing glimpses of your stuff!

  11. JG - hope the studio makeover is going well. Must say I have 'gear envy' when I saw that great yellow gear - great shape and colour. Cheers B

  12. I have only just discovered your work and I am enchanted. I can't wait for more.

  13. Barry . . reorganizing studio has slowed due to hurting my hip. It's ok now.
    That huge heavy gear is something else isn't it. Love it!

    Ian . . Thank you very much. Still working on painting my studio. I'm afraid
    if I start painting art, I'll avoid finishing the painting that's not as fun. :)

  14. Great to see a glimpse of where the magic happens!!