Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"WAX" .. Encaustic exhibition .. The Scarab Club, Detroit

I am currently in an encaustic art exhibition in Detroit's Scarab Club. The Scarab Club is historic in Michigan (the building and the organization).

It was founded in 1902 and is one of Michigan's oldest
arts organization. I don't know if you can read this, but
on the beams of the upper floors are autographs of
Diego Rivera, Marchel Duchamp, Norman Rockwell and other artists.

The scarab is an Egyptian symbol of rebirth, and
it represents the club's "commitment to the perpetual renewal 
of the arts in Detroit."

The plaque states that it's architecture is based
on Northern Renaissance Revival style. Besides a gallery for
exhibitions, it houses artist's studios, classrooms, and 
upstairs is where parties and gatherings take place.

Below are photos of some of the exhibitors with encaustic used in a variety of techniques.

Barb Williams, "Amber"
(very large .. almost lifesize)

Michelle Schaefer "Red Oak Nebula"

Two pieces by John Cynar
"Black Stone" tar, wax, inkjet photo
(the black halves are tar and the other 
halves are encaustic over digital photo)

Detail of one of the insets (in tar) 
of one of John Cynar's pieces
(they look like slices of reeds)

Three dimensional piece
by Evelyn Bachorski-Bowen
"Portrait of a Soul, #6"
plaster, sisal, and encaustic
(the armature is sisal)

Olga Dermendju, "Untitled Nest"
Beeswax, fabric, wire

Rosemarie Hughes, "Mother's Milk"
Mixed media assemblage with encaustic

Candace Law, "Post Industrial II"
Mixed media and encaustic

Michelle Schaefer, "Where the tars Once Shown: Red Giant"
encaustic and oil

Detail of Michelle's piece above
with three dimensional elements emerging
from the surface

Leslie Sobel, "Fjord, Ice & Water"
Encaustic, digital print, & collage

Doloris Slowinski, "Silk Road Relic: Turfan"
Wool, horsehair tapestry, antique silk, wax

and mine . . Janna Gougeon, "Babel Series, #1"
Encaustic, oil, and mixed medium

It was wonderful to meet all the artists who work with wax, and one of them lives only blocks from me!!


  1. bonjour Jann et bravo pour cette exposition; saluez pour moi Marcel :-)

  2. congratulations! what great company to be in! and what a serendipitous meeting!

    1. Thanks so much, Anca and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Such diversity in this show. It was wonderful to meet an artist who uses encaustic nearby!

  3. I really like your piece, very good work,

    I hope your getting lots of commissions,

    Cheers David

    1. Hi David . . thanks so much! And thanks for stopping and commenting. :)

  4. Hi Jann, wow that is an awesome building! ...and to have had the presence of famous artists within the walls too. Thanks for sharing some of the works on show - all wonderful and interesting pieces - good luck!

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for stoppping by and commenting! . . my painting sold! When someone buys my work, it says to me . . "good job" . . "keep going".

  5. Congratulations on your sale Jann! Not surprising since it is a lovely piece.

  6. beautiful work, yours and your choices