Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beginning . . .

I'm learning how to set up this blog, as I'm somewhat computer/digital challenged.  As I'm a re-emerging artist, I'm currently working to build up a body of paintings.  I've been teaching myself encaustic painting for the last 8 mos, and am now diverting to mixed medium (acrylic and all the new uses . . have shyed away from that, but now that there are "open" acrylics available, I'm taking another stab at it . . not in paintings yet, but practicing in journal, paper, and collage).  I'm also will be learning how to operate an SLR digital camera, which will be coming in the mail soon . . with a book.  I'll see how much I can learn on my own (book) before I invest in a class.  SO . . it will be a while before I have pics of my work here.  In the meantime . . I will post photos from my very basic camera.  Pictures that move my eye and my insides.

I love to look at art that moves me, and I love to be moved.


  1. I'm just thrilled you are blogging, and I am looking forward to images of your work in transition! And a new camera! You also might try looking at utube and other on line sights for free instructions in how to use a digital SLR. And if you find a helpful site please let me know! I'm still learning myself.

  2. Thank you, Leslie. Am really looking forward to this new camera!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog Jann! It's all trial and error. I'm still a dunce when it comes to digital cameras but it's amazing how much we learn once we focus on blog skills. Loving your Tumblr blog!