Monday, January 17, 2011

Hoping to center my eye . . draw?

"The Zen of Seeing"

I picked this up yesterday, buried in my book shelves.  I had bought it probably 15 yrs. ago. I had read only a little then, highlighted some sentences in the beginning, but never read it. I have a LOT of books, and when I moved back to Michigan from Connecticut, I gave away about 200 to a local community college.  That still left me with a LOT more. Somehow I had decided not to give this one away. What a difference in my perspective now as I read it. Other artists' work that appeals to me usually has space and seems to be more spontaeneous, as in "taking out the left brain." I don't operate too easily with my left brain, but it does get in there to judge myself!  I have been thinking of drawing but haven't done it.  As I've been exploring acrylic (can't glue paper to substrate with oil!), I'm getting a little frustrated, but I don't want to stop the flow I'd been experiencing with encaustic . . . SO . . . there's a part of me that just wants to make marks on paper without looking (not blind contour as this would be following an existing image), and I'm wondering if I post this, that that will make me accountable to do that . . totally remove the left brain!

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  1. I love this book and anything by Fredrick Frank. I have a couple including this one. He always talks about the "seeing" as opposed to the drawing. Thanks for reminding me of this lovely book. I shall dig mine out.