Friday, January 14, 2011

A neutral palette

About 6 mos ago I began to realize how much I like black and white, different shades of grey and muted rust and gold, script, symbols (I've been putting circles into almost all of my work for a long time.  For some reason I can't NOT put them in), old charts, maps, line drawings combined with some muted texture.  After I saw Leslie Avon Miller's work on fb, and was drawn to it, I decided to drop strong color and go with black, greys, and white. We'll see how long I have the courage to do that.

Here are a few black and white "abstract composition" photos of an old building that houses artists studios in Detroit (Russell Industrial Center).  They were having open studios.  I'm eager to get that new camera in the mail.  As I remember, that day I was excited that I had made the decision to go with this new palette, and these little compositions caught my eye.



  1. I really like the ones you posted today.

  2. You have a great eye for composition. And, if you look at a recent post on my blog, you will see that I have been in a black and white mood!

  3. Thank you! . . although sometimes my "eye" gets in the way of totally finishing a painting . . have lots of "almost" done ones.