Thursday, January 13, 2011

Setting up this site issues!

I spent about two hours yesterday trying to configure this blog with things I've seen on other blogs.  Initially it doesn't seem that hard, but when I log in, it tells me that I have to pick a different email than the one I had.  I've done that 3 times!  It says create a google mail or use a yahoo mail.  I have a yahoo mail (different than the one I ordinarily use) and have gone through the steps 3 times, but it still puts me on a gtempaccount email.  I'm thinking that they must want me get a google email. Since I had a computer issue years ago that I believe resulted from a dating site I was on, I've been leery of too much clicking.  This man got into my computer and changed my emails!  Also . . I picture I have on my profile (encaustic supplies) does not show up on the icon that others see for my blog.  And a few other things.  So this blog may go along slowly, as far as how I want it to look.  Too bad these blogger instructions aren't visual!  When I see a page of written, technical instructions, my mind blurs.  There are advantages and disadvantages of being a very visual person, and this is a disadvantage!


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