Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Third in "Three" series

Acrylic, collage, & mixed medium on paper

This is the fourth image (work & rework) on this paper . . and circles, and I'm going with this. I love old dials and circular diagrams, print, rusted spokes, washers, etc. Again the photo is as close as I could get to reality. I'm not sure if I will do one more or continue and see where this theme and palette take me. As an image is developed, as I come to the finish, the surface becomes "precious", the additions slower with long periods of thoughtfulness. Interesting how an idea will "pop" up in my mind, that I had not thought of before. This is probably not not uncommon for artists, unless spontenaeity continues throughout their process. Not for me . . yet. 

Still frustrated with how photos come out for me. The top of this is lighter than it is. I took some pics in my studio, and through learning about what florescent lighting does (green), even though I added incandescent lighting, it turned out greenish. So the photo next is the more "green" (no green in this), inside-the-studio photo. This makes me wonder about artwork on the net and how true the color is.

I just might like this better, but the greys and beige are gone. The tones are closer in range. I had it on an easel on top of a white sheet of paper. On the top you'll notice that the white paper behind it is beige. It will take a while to learn this camera stuff.

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